Premium photovoltaic panels (Shinew, Isofotón, Soliker), with the necessary certifications and a wide power range. To transform the energy received from the sun into electricity.

A wide range of controllers and regulators, to meet any need. Are responsible for monitoring the battery charging, extending its life.

Stationary batteries of vessels. Open (OPzS) sealed (OPzV = gel). Accumulators open and sealed monoblock (gel y AGM). Accumulation of energy generated by the photovoltaic panels. All possible capacities and with different technologies.

DC / AC converters for Victron chargers-alone systems. Transforman the corriente alterna (230Vac/50Hz) the energy received from the battery, which is in direct current (12, 24 from 48 Vcc). They may also include a battery charger (fed from a generator, for example): Multiplus y Four. Connection in parallel and / or phase.

Victron battery chargers of varying capacities and performance. To recharge the battery from an AC source (electric generator or rede).

We have the most comprehensive solutions for solar pumping market both in variety of submersible pumps and surface , as water depth and flow demand. We also have solar systems for pressure pumps for domestic use.

All the necessary elements to complete any single installation: junction boxes and protections, Battery Monitors, system monitoring, generators, frigoríficos a gas…

Converters for grid connected systems Ingecon Sun and all accessories. To transform the power received from the panels to the appropriate voltage and frequency to be injected to the electricity network.


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