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Bombeo solar

The direct solar pumping systems are ideal for water supply and irrigation, assuming a great savings and convenience over the use of generator sets and even the grid. On-site Solar Direct Pumping, pumps work only when there is sunlight. Depending on the amount of radiation will work at higher or lower power. These systems are tailored to the real needs of water: More sun = more water.

Product Description

Solar pumping systems are German technology Lorentz. LORENTZ is a leader in the market for solar water pumping solutions.
We have solar well pumps, pool surface and. These pumps are direct current DC or AC AC, depending on the type of application and the potency of the same. The Lorentz solar pumps are able to work with heights up 450 meters and flows up to 550m3 / h.
Some applications of our solar pumps are Lorentz:
Lift water from a well or pump, increasing the pressure in a hydraulic circuit, debug pools, decanting water, pond management, APR (rural drinking water), irrigation, etc.

Please contact us, for any type of model info@sumsol.es

Download data sheets

Solution submersible solar pumps for well Lorentz:


Family Solar Submersible Pump Lorentz PS150 Centrifuges, PS200, PS600, PS1800 and PS4000.
Family Solar Submersible Pump Lorentz PS200 Helical, PS600, PS1800 and PS4000.
Family Solar Submersible Pump Lorentz PS7k2 Centrifuges, PS7k2, PS9k2, PS15k2, PS21k2, PS25k2, and PS40k2.

Lorentz solar solution surface pumps:

Family Centrifugal Pumps Surface Solar Lorentz PS150 Boost, PS600 CS-F, PS1800 CS-F y PS4000 CS-F.
Family Centrifugal Pumps Lorentz Solar Surface PS7k2, PS7k2, PS9k2, PS15k2, PS21k2, PS25k2, and PS40k2.

Lorentz solution solar pool pumps:

Bomba Solar de Superficie Lorentz PS600 CS-17-1 Y PS1800 CS-37-1.

Communications solution for the solar pumps Lorentz:

Local communication via Bluetooth Lorentz solar pumps PS PumpScanner DataModule by APP for Android devices
Remote communication satellite with solar pumps PS Lorentz Communicator using the web server pumpMANAGER.