Specialized for business 1999 in distribution and sales of solar equipment



The direct solar pumping systems Lorentz are the most comprehensive range of solutions for pumping water.

Familia Productos SumSol

Subsistence Systems

SumSol performed all phases of the project from design and engineering project through the supply and installation of all elements by partner companies in the province.
Note that this installation leads 8 years of operation without significant breakdown.
Consumption systems adapted to the new RD900 / 2015.

Isolated Systems

SumSol also develops small and large projects for the electrification of rural areas without electricity supply. This type of system, fully autonomous, help the economic and social development of the inhabitants of the area.

Bombeo solar

Direct Solar irrigation system to optimize costs in agriculture. We have both surface and pump deep well pumps, able to supply any requirement agricultural and livestock.

Special Applications

If a structural solution is required when you can not use the roof, designed the structure with all the security for the customer and the installer ease. Including followers trackers.



If you are an installer, please contact us and we will inform you of the great advantages of belonging to the network of installers SumSol.




SumSol is a company incorporated in 1.999, professionals with over 20 years of experience in the field of solar energy. It focuses on marketing materials equipment solar photovoltaic and thermal . Since its inception SumSol had a clear commitment to service and support. This commitment is to offer the best solution to the demands of our customers and ensure the smooth operation of the equipment supplied with the best value, because the most important in any installation that meets user needs and working properly.


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